Karen Patterson FCHSM, CHE


Christopher Horn FCHSM, CHE


Paul White FCHSM, CHE

Immediate Past President

Paul Preobrajensky FCHSM, CHE

Branch Councillors

Peta Andreone, AFCHSM, CHM
Lynn Bailey AFCHSM, CHM

Eva Ballai FCHSM, CHE
Dominic Dawson FCHSM, CHE
David Lim FCHSM, CHE
Emma Malica FCHSM, CHE
Andrew Newton FCHSM, CHE
Colin Hackwood FCHSM, CHE

HMIP Intern Representative 

Ben Wilcox MCHSM  
Sohpie Lim MCHSM

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Karen Patterson 



An active member since 2010, Karen undertook the ACHSM Fellowship Exam in 2015.

In 2017 she was elected to NSW Branch Council and led the NSW Branch ACHSM Mentor Program portfolio.

In 2018 Karen was elected Vice-President and in 2019 elected President of NSW Branch Council.

Karen brings a depth and breadth of health management experience. Karen is currently employed as the Director of Capability and Culture with the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission. Previous to this appointment, Karen has held executive and management posts within the fields of Policy, Education, Leadership, Practice Development, Governance, Strategy and Performance.

Karen has Advisory Board experience within government and the corporate sector. Karen is committed to lifelong learning and is currently a PhD candidate with UTS:Health.

​Christopher Horn



Christopher leads the delivery of the bowel cancer screening program for NSW at the Cancer Institute NSW. He is an Australian trained and internationally experienced clinician, a certified health executive and a Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management. Christopher has held care redesign roles in Victoria and NSW, and he has experience in public health, paediatric and general radiation therapy, molecular imaging, and medical device development. He was elected to the NSW Branch Council in 2018.


Paul White



Paul is a highly experienced executive and management consultant with a deep understanding of the operating models, cultures and challenges currently facing healthcare based upon 20 years’ experience working at senior levels with providers, purchasers and system managers. He has worked in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and his style is to work collaboratively with senior managers either in small groups or facilitating large workshops. His operational experience is centred on ensuring good governance, appropriate strategic decision making (providing challenge and support where necessary) all backed up by a detailed understanding of data and evidence.

​Paul Preobrajensky


Immediate Past President

Paul Preobrajensky was elected to the NSW Branch Council in 2008 and appointed to the National Board in 2019.

Paul is a Health Industry Management Consultant, with experience in healthcare spanning 24 years and includes clinical and corporate management and governance roles. His recent roles have focused on strategic delivery, systems redesign and access improvement. His interests lie in the areas of health management, change management and governance. 



Peta is a recent graduate of the NSW ACHSM Health Management Intern Graduate (2019-2020) and is currently representing the Clinical Excellence Commission as the Workforce, People & Culture Advisor. Prior to working in the health sector, Peta led the digital transformation of The Ethics Centre's foundational counselling service, Ethi-call, which was recognised as an Optus My Business Award Finalist in 2018. 

Joining the NSW Branch Council in 2021, Peta is keen to draw on her experience in Human Resources and Project Management to support engagement with the community of health managers across NSW and provide leadership for the growth and development of health management across the health, community and aged care sectors. In particular, she hopes to connect with like-minded individuals and explore the potential for arts-health innovations to aid improvements in the healthcare experience for the health workforce and consumers alike.




Lynn Bailey is the Executive General Manager of Fresh Hope Care, leading their aged care business of 16 sites in NSW.  Prior to moving into the Aged Care sector over 10 years ago, Lynn was a Private Hospital General Manager and Divisional Director in a tertiary hospital in South Australia.

 Joining the NSW Branch in 2021, Lynn is passionate about building a shared understanding and improved cohesion between the aged care and acute health sectors.


Eva Ballai



Eva was elected to the NSW Branch Council in 2019.  Eva has over 25 years’ extensive experience in the health care industry; 13 years in acute care settings, 14 years in Aged Care Senior / Executive Management (CEO, Director of Nursing, Facility Manager and Operations Manager) and 4 years as a Board Director in the Disability sector.

Eva is also a current serving member of the Australian Defence Force: Captain Specialist Nursing Officer.

Dominic Dawson

BPhysio, MHSE, MBA, Dip Government, Dip PM, GradCert, HRM, FCHSM, CHE


Dominic has extensive experience in the health sector as a clinician, educator and a health leader. Over the last 16 years he has held various senior management positions and has been instrumental in leading health reform implementation and clinical services improvement.

Elected to the NSW Branch Council in 2008, Dominic is a Fellow of the College and has previously held the position of NSW Branch President.

Dominic is currently on secondment as the Director Transition for the EDWARD Business Implementation Program at NSW Health. In this role Dominic is responsible for the transition from the current data warehouse to a new data warehouse for NSW Health that is being established. His substantiative position is the Associate Director, Business Intelligence and Efficiency at South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, leading a highly skilled team in the development and dissemination of intelligent information for organisational transformation. He also provides leadership in the implementation of Activity Based Funding at the Local Health District. 

Andrew Newton



Andrew was elected to the NSW Branch Council in 2019. A registered nurse who practiced predominantly in operating theatres, Andrew has worked extensively in the NSW Health System in both rural and metropolitan services, holding a range of leadership positions.

Andrew is currently the CEO of The Northern Beaches Hospital.

Colin Hackwood



Colin is an internationally experienced health service and hospital executive who has shaped his 20-year professional career in the employment of roles spanning all aspects of health service delivery.
Elected to the NSW Branch Council in 2020, Colin started his career as a clinical nurse in QLD, before moving to London and working in NHS hospitals as an anaesthetic nurse. He has worked for non-profit organisations based in the UK and Australia, managing and leading international volunteer medical, surgical and nursing teams in the delivery of paediatric cardiac programs in Mozambique, Kenya, Egypt, Jamaica, Brazil, Vietnam, Timor Lest and Papua New Guinea. He has worked extensively as a public-sector client in the development of major healthcare infrastructure in Queensland, before undertaking several executive-level service development roles in the national health system in the State of Qatar.
With an extensive and broad foundation of skills across multiple functions within developing and mature healthcare service systems, Colin is employed by Aurecon Australia as a Director in the Program Advisory team for the NSW and ACT regions as the healthcare industry lead for these regions. He is directly responsible for building sustainable relationships with public and private health service organisations and delivering program and project management advisory services to these groups.



Joining the NSW Branch Council in 2021, David is the Director of Academic Program – Postgraduate Health Science at Western Sydney University. He led the new postgraduate curricula (aged care and health service management, occupational health and safety, and digital health) rolled out during the early phase of COVID-19, and when the tertiary education sector was severely impacted by the pandemic.

David’s research is informed by the WHO's Shanghai Declaration, underpinned by equity and collaborative partnership. His work beyond academe is at the planning and policy levels in healthcare organisations.  Prior to academia, David held leadership roles in rural and regional health networks.


DipHE, RN, GradCert(Business), GradCert(Clinical Redesign), FCHSM, CHE

Emma has had a diverse career in health spanning 20+ years in both the UK and Australia and has extensive experience in NSW health as a clinician, manager and health leader. Emma undertook the ACHSM Fellowship Exam in 2017. Emma is currently employed as the Director of the Program Management Office with the NSW Ministry of Health.

Joining the NSW Branch in 2021, Emma is keen to support the college to remain a peak body for health managers and provide our current and future health leaders with meaningful professional development opportunities.