Episode 3, 2019

Health systems

At the heart of the healthcare industry, sits the various systems that are in place to deliver care. We look at the latest thinking and innovations that can improve health systems. 

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1. Headlines

Welcome to Health Leader TV! Episode Three strikes at the heart of matters, looking at how we can innovate and continue to develop healthcare systems to deliver better outcomes.

4. Interviews with leaders at ACHSM's March One Day Conference on leadership

Earlier in the year, Health Leader TV interviewed top figures about the importance and changes in healthcare leadership. You'll hear from Lucy Brogden (Chair, National Mental Health Commission), Glenn Keys AO (Founder and Chairman, Aspen Medical), Anna Burgess (Director - Cancer, Specialty Programs, Medical Research and International Health) Dr Sally Cockburn (Clinical Lead - Partnerships, Northern Health) and Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan (Founder and CEO, Energesse).

7. WA Primary Health Alliance

Health authorities aim to deliver health services to every member of their local population, but specifically target those most vulnerable and at risk of poor health outcomes. That's the focus of WA Primary Health Alliance, an authority which supports 3 PHNs in Western Australia.

2. ACHSM President Dr Neale Fong Interview – Health systems

How can you unwind the complexities of a healthcare system that's becoming more complex everyday? We speak to Dr Neale Fong about this and other system-wide issues.

5. Australian National University - Research School of Population Health

Conducting and understanding the latest research across a myriad of population health issues, is crucial to drive better health outcomes at a global scale. We look at the work of one of the leading Schools in Australia with ANU’s Research School of Population Health.

8. Credits


3. Adelaide Primary Health Network

We take a look at one of Adelaide PHN's unique programs - the Lived Experience Telephone Support Service (LETSS). LETSS is a peer-led telephone support service for people with mental health problems, and their carers, who can receive real-time information, navigation, and support, from people who have lived experience of mental health problems.

6. Interviews with leaders from the Asia-Pacific Health Leadership Congress on health systems

At the 2019 Annual Congress, we spoke with leading figures about key health systems concerns. In this chapter you'll hear from Dr Linda Swan (CMO, Medibank), Alison Verhoeven (CEO, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association), Leanne Wells (CEO, Consumers Health Forum of Australia), Prof. Andrew Way (CEO, Alfred Health) and Nancy Howell Agee (CEO, Carilion Clinic).

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