Episode 2, 2019

Innovation and technology

We look at some of the latest innovations and technologies that are having a positive impact on systems and outcomes across the industry.

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1. Headlines

Welcome to Health Leader TV! Episode Two delves into the importance of innovation and technology in improving services and outcomes.

4. Interviews with leaders at the Asia-Pacific Health Leadership Congress

Health Leader TV spoke with key players on the Gold Coast about key challenges and opportunities ahead concerning innovation and technology. Including Prof. David Allison (Director of Health School of Architecture, Clemson University), Dr. Anne Snowdon (Chair, World Health Innovation Network) and Prof. Michael Greco (CEO, Client Focused Evaluation Program).

7. Credits

2. ACHSM President Dr. Neale Fong Interview – Innovation and Technology

"The digital healthcare revolution is not just on us, it's all over us". We speak with Dr. Neale Fong about the importance for health leaders of keeping up to date with transitioning technologies in the digital age.

5. Triton Hearing

We visit New Zealand to look at the leading work of Triton Hearing, who have developed an innovative tele-audiology program that can deliver diagnostic hearing and hearing-aid fitting services to rural communities, even if they are off grid. Triton believe they are the first company in the world to have a commercial tele-audiology program: we look in more detail in this chapter.

3. Karitane

Karitane is pioneering digital innovation in child and family health services supporting new parents around sleep and settling, establishing routines, feeding and nutrition, toddler behaviour and pre and post natal anxiety and depression from the comfort of their own home. We look at two evidence based programs supporting families and accelerating accessibility to families in Australia.

6. South-West Sydney Primary Health Network (SWSPHN)

Better information and communication inevitably leads to better decisions, diagnoses and pathways. SWSPHN have developed a first for the Asia-Pacific region: their innovative iRAD (Integrated Real-time Active Data) system, allows clinicians access to relevant patient information through an interoperable portal. We look at how iRAD has the potential to be a significant change agent in the healthcare industry over the next five to ten years and how it's already transforming care.

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