Mentor support

Mentoring is a valuable service for all health managers and executives. As a mentee you can benefit from the guidance and wisdom of a senior health leader. As a mentor, the Mentoring Program provides a valuable leadership experience and the satisfaction of helping an emerging leader with their career.

The College's mentoring program is State based to ensure that all ACHSM members get equity of access to this important professional development activity.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a professional relationship where a mentee and mentor are matched to share professional and personal skills and experiences, as well as enhance career development. Mentoring allows mentees to become familiar with a well-developed style of leadership and enables them to be guided while developing their own style. 

Mentoring can be provided in a range of ways and is agreed on a case by case basis between the mentor and mentee. Typically it is a one-to-one relationship between a more experienced and less experienced professional, and is generally provided for at least one hour per month.

ACHSM mentoring is founded on the use of encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect and a willingness to learn and share.

For further information or to register your expression of interest, visit our Mentoring information page .

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