In December 2016, the ACHSM Board resolved to establish its third special interest group – this time focusing on the issues relevant for members and prospective members working in regional, rural and remote Australia.

 Through its Strategic Plan (2016-18) the Board is committed to three key goals:

  1. Develop and support health leaders and managers.

  2. Promote the profession of health and community leadership and management.

  3. Ensure a sustainable and vibrant College for the future.

 The Regional, Rural and Remote Special Interest Group (RRRSIG) has been asked by the Board to identify and progress activities that are intended to fulfil these goals for College members and prospective members who work in regional, rural and remote areas. 

Membership to the RRRSIG is open to all members working in regional, rural and remote Australia. To register your interest please email your details to

We are also keen to hear from you about what you think the issues are for managers and leaders in country areas and how best the College can support you in your professional development and affiliation with the ACHSM network. Please feel free to submit any ideas to and we will get back in touch with you directly. Alternatively, please feel free to contact a member of the RRRSIG Working Group listed below.

We will develop an action plan based on the feedback received. This web page will be the place to access information on progress we make.

We look forward to your participation in enhancing the work the College does to support current and prospective members working in country areas.

Eligibility for membership

To be eligible for membership to the RRRSIG you need to:

  1. Work in a location which meets the regional, rural and remote SLA classifications defined by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (Rural, Remote and Metropolitan Areas Classification 2004).

  2. Be a current financial member of the ACHSM in any membership category.

Benefits of membership

  1. Access to the ACHSM RRRSIG webpage, including updates on rural issues and College developments and initiatives that are of particular interest to country members.

  2. Access to the RRRSIG Working Group to provide ideas for service improvement to College members in regional, rural and remote locations.

  3. Ability to volunteer to support particular developments in your state/territory in conjunction with State Branch Council’s.

  4. Access to core business College membership services including Networking, Fellowship, Continuing Professional Development and Mentoring Programs.

  5. An opportunity for you to contribute your skills to the work of the RRRSIG.

The RRRSIG Working Group is keen to hear from you – particularly about what skills you can bring to the group and how you wish to be involved in doing this.

Working group contacts

Mark Diamond FCHSM
SA Branch Councillor
Board Director
0428 817 090

Dominic Sandilands FCHSM
Executive Director
North and West Remote Health
0428 984 098

Dr Scott Davis AFCHSM
Senior Director
Greater Northern Australia Regional Training
0410 477 166

Liza Tomlinson AFCHSM
Service Group Director
Townsville Hospital and Health Service
Queensland Health
0438 178 813