Fellowship 2024

Applications for the 2024 Fellowship program are now OPEN!

Applications for the 2024 Fellowship program are now open

Fellowship is the highest membership category awarded in the College. It is a significant professional achievement and is awarded by the College to those individuals who have demonstrated to their peers that they have the knowledge, attitudes, conceptual and communication skills to be recognised as senior managers and leaders in the health and aged care industries. Fellowship within the ACHSM is recognised both nationally and internationally and it demonstrates an ongoing commitment to excellence in health service management.

Fellows provide leadership across the spectrum of public, private and not for profit organisations, in the areas of acute, primary and long term care, and health improvement. Fellows are engaged in the areas of tertiary education and research, policy development and government service, professional services and project management. The awarding of Fellowship to a College member recognises the commitment to research, continuing professional development and learning, and application of knowledge in health services management they demonstrate.

Fellowship candidature and the Fellowship examination

Following acceptance into the Fellowship Program, the expectations are that Candidates participate in Study Groups as part of the Fellowship process.  The process of candidature has many benefits including:

  • Consolidating previous learning and experience.
  • Providing Candidates with a forum for debate and improving their knowledge relating to current leadership, policy and management issues in health and aged care. 
  • Demonstrating a high level of commitment as a professional health and aged care leader and manager.
  • Peer learning, mentorship and development.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to excellence, professional development, and the ongoing evolution of the profession.

The Fellowship examination is a peer review process designed to enable the Candidate to demonstrate their competencies about contemporary health and aged care issues.  In particular, it assesses the competencies in leadership and management and focuses on the ’Candidates' communication skills to the level that the College recognises are those of a senior health and aged care and community leader and manager.  The candidature and examination are designed to be practical, efficient, and cost-effective for the Candidates, examiners, and the College.  The broad requirements to become a Fellow of ACHSM are set out in the ACHSM Constitution and Rules.


ACHSM is pleased to accept applications for the Fellowship Program via the prescribed form.

Please direct any enquiries to the Chief Examiner or the Fellowship Program Manager by phoning 02 8753 5111 or emailing fellowship@achsm.org.au.

Date Activity
28/11/2023 Applications open
1/12/2023 – 19/1/2024 Applications approved and candidates notified
19/1/2024 Applications close
5/2/2024 Program begins
21/9/2024 Oral examination – online
5/10/2024 Re-sit oral examination – online
22/10/2024 Annual General Meeting/Fellows' Dinner in Brisbane, Queensland
23 – 25/10/2024 Annual ACHSM Congress in Brisbane, Queensland


Cost of Fellowship Candidature

1. The cost of the Fellowship Program is $1995 (and this includes Full registration, Congress Registration, and the Fellows Dinner. Note that Congress Registration includes the full Congress program, all social events such as the Welcome Reception and Congress Dinner, and the Fellows-only Dinner).

2. If you cancel or withdraw, the refund policy is set out below:

Notice period Refund amount
Before program launch $1975
After the first month of the program launch $1895
After the second month of the program launch $1795
Within 60 days of the examination date $1195
Within 90 days of the examination date a transfer fee of $600 will be charged
You may withdraw and transfer your application to the subsequent year. However, if you cancel or withdraw at any time in the subsequent year, there will be no refund.  

3. Conferring of your Fellowship

Once you have met all the requirements of Fellowship you will be invited to be conferred at the next Annual General meeting.  You will be expected to attend and join other Fellowship candidates being conferred at that time.  The ceremony is important in acknowledging your substantial achievement in attaining Fellowship of ACHSM. The Fellows dinner follows straight after the ceremony.