Peta Andreone

Peta is a 1st year management intern for the Corporate Services team at the Clinical Excellence Commission.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts with Honours at Macquarie University, Peta worked in operational roles across Australia and the United Kingdom for Professional Services, Education & Training, Information Media & Not for Profit organisations. In her most recent role at the social enterprise The Ethics Centre, she managed a range of projects including the re-development of the national helpline, Ethi-call & the remedial program, Ethics Counsel.

Peta applied for the NSW HMIP because she is passionate about a career that contributes to improving the lives of others and enjoys working in human services. She is a collaborative & people-minded individual who loves a challenge and believes the program is an opportunity for her to gain an understanding of the health environment and build her professional capacity to become a senior leader in health services.

On her days off you might find her singing with the Sydney Philharmonia Choir or down at the local beach, weather permitting.

Marco Antoniazzo 

Before applying for the program, I completed a Bachelor of Nursing and a Master of Public Health. My Vocational experience spans from working within the community setting including the management of group homes for the disabled, intensive support worker for young people in crisis and more recently as a registered nurse in operating theatres.

I have applied for the program as I believe is stands as an excellent opportunity to learn how to become a contemporary and well-rounded manager of health care systems, while also gaining insights into the principles that underpin public administration within Australia.

Throughout the program I hope to use all the opportunities available to rotate through varied aspects of health service management in order to build a robust and solid knowledge base. I have particular interests in policy, finance and clinical redesign / accreditation. I believe as a participant in the program I am fortunate to not only have these learning opportunities but to also be paired with a mentor to work with and aid in my development as I face the challenges the program will bring.

The NSW Ambulance service I feel provides me with an excellent fit as my experiences in both the community and critical care will assist me in achieving a sound understanding with both the needs of the organisation but also the community the service aims to provide health care for.

Kayla Blanksby

Kayla is a first year Health Management Intern, commencing the program in 2019, with the Western Sydney Local Health District. 

Kayla completed a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Speech and Hearing at the

University of Sydney. Followed by Masters of Diagnostic Radiography at the University of Sydney in 2014. She has worked as a radiographer within public and private settings across Western Sydney. 

Kayla is grateful for the unique opportunity to learn through the HMIP. She is an empathetic individual, passionate about quality patient care. Ultimately, she wants to make a difference, improving accessibility and the delivery of healthcare services, whilst contributing and facilitating change for healthcare in the future.

John Dillon

My Name is John Dillon and I am a first year intern commencing in 2019. I have previously worked as an Operational Support Officer for the Western Sydney Integrated Care Program and Project Officer for Thriving Families NSW (Their Futures Matter). My first current placement is with the Western Sydney Local Health District working with the Executive Director of Operations (WSLHD).

I have a Bachelor of Health Science (Health Services Management) Sub Majoring Health Informatics from Western Sydney University. I aim to work in executive level management and deliver broad-scale health and clinical operational leadership to health outcomes through managing projects, operations and teams of which will achieve this.

I can bring a unique perspective in health care management, modelling and business growth from my experience, passion and education. I aim to develop my leadership skills and knowledge of the Australian healthcare system during the two year program.

Grainne Ducat

​Grainne is a 1st year Management Intern with Mid North Coast LHD commencing in 2019. She will rotate placements with Workforce services and Mental Health and Integrated care.

Grainne has a Post-Graduate diploma in Child and Family Health Nursing from The Australian College of Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Queens University Belfast.

Grainne has extensive experience in Maternal and Child Health particularly in low socio-economic areas. She is passionate about the integral role community services play in the overall health of the public and planning and implementing strategies to managing the health needs for the ageing population of Australia.

Grainne has recent experience organising successful charitable events and community engagement projects. She applied to the internship to develop her management and leadership skills.

Raviro Dzimba

Raviro is a 1st year Management Intern who commenced the program in 2019 with the South New South Wales Local Health District. She has extensive experience working in Health and in various Human Services Departments and Organisations in Australia and in the United Kingdom.

Raviro's motivation to be a part of HMIP is to gain experience, build confidence and broaden her scope of the healthcare system and to consolidate experience attained from her clinical work. She hopes to gain various managerial skills in health management as well as understand health trends, successes and the opportunities that exist.

She recognises the opportunity to engage with and learn from the leaders and innovators and is eager to develop her management and leadership skills. She is hoping to develop her skills to improve service accessibility and integration.

Siggy Haveland

Siggy is a 1st year Management Intern who commenced the program in 2019 with the Mid North Coast Local Health District (MNCLHD). He is currently based in Port Macquarie, working with the Mental Health and Integrated Care team.

Siggy completed a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Dietetics in 2014, and then commenced a 10-year clinical career as a dietian in public healthcare; starting with the National Health Service (UK) for 3 years, and continuing at Port Macquarie Base Hosptial with NSW Health as a senior clinician/acting department manager. Since 2014, Siggy has held several roles within the MNCLHD Clinical Governance Unit as both project manager and patient safety coordinator. Siggy has also completed secondments in quality and patient safety manager roles. 

The opportunity to network and develop a greater understanding of health management and leadership is what led Siggy to pursue this program.

Outside of work, Siggy enjoys running, cycling and spending time with his young family.

Lara Mayze

Lara is a 1st Year Management Intern with Southern NSW Health Local Health District. She will be based out ofMoruya Hospital for her first placement with the Business Transformation Unit.

Lara completed a Bachelor of Oral Health from University of Queensland in 2012 and Masters of Public Health from the University of Melbourne in 2017. She has completed research into preventative dental care for adolescents and preschool children and is passionate about preventative healthcare.

Lara has worked for the public health system in Victoria and New South Wales and has applied for the HMIP to further her exposure to the various departments within the public health system. She hopes to gain invaluable exposure to healthcare leaders with the aim to enhance her healthcare planning and leadership skills.

Emily Meharg

Emily is a 1st year Management intern placed with Western Sydney Local Health District, with her first rotation based in the Finance Unit at Westmead Hospital.

Emily has obtained a Bachelor of Health Science with a major in Health Services Management and a sub-major in Public Health through Western Sydney University in 2018. Emily was inspired to apply for this program from previous interns whom had visited the university to talk about the program and the benefits of joining the Australasian College of Health Service Management.

The hope for Emily during this program is to enhance her business, leadership and management skills while gaining exposure to a wide range of areas in the health sector. Outside of work, Emily enjoys exercising, kayaking, reading, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Grace Navin  

Grace is a first year management intern commencing in 2019. Her first placement is with the Office of The Chief Executive at Western Sydney Local Health District.

She holds a Bachelor of Nursing and a Masters in Health Services Management majoring in clinical leadership, and prior to the program, has been working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Anaesthetics and Recovery across various Sydney hospitals. Her nursing career has also lead to fulfilling roles in the UK as well as volunteer work in Tanzania.

Grace has a keen interest in all things healthcare and is passionate about improving patient quality and safety. She is looking forward to developing her management and leadership skills throughout the program.

Liz Parker

Liz is a management intern commencing in 2019 with Southern NSW Local Health District in their inaugural program year. She is placed with the Chief Information Officer working across Southern and Murrumbidgee Local Health Districts.

Liz’s leadership and management experience across public, for profit and not for profit organisations includes paid, volunteer and local government elected office roles spanning health, mental health, community sector, fitness, supply chain/ logistics, property and building & construction.

The opportunity to learn from inspiring leaders, to better understand the complexities of our health system and to grow academically beyond her undergraduate Bachelor Applied Science Medical and Applied Biotechnology study inspired Liz to apply.

Beyond the Health Management Internship Program, Liz has strategic leadership aspirations of serving the community through active listening. When she’s not at work she’s helping to change lives and health outcomes for the better, bringing people together through group fitness.

Chris Reece

Chris is a 1st year management intern who commenced the program in 2019. During the internship he will be employed by the Western Sydney Local Health District, and is currently based in Blacktown Hospital.

Chris completed a degree in Medical Radiation Science (Nuclear Medicine) in 2012. Chris worked at the Prince of Wales Hospital, for a period of 5 years as a Technologist. During this period he also completed his Master's in Health Management with the University of New South Wales where his keen interest in the health management field developed.

Facilitated by his passion and insights for healthcare, Chris applied for the HMIP for the fantastic opportunity to tackle challenges and gain experience in the health management field.

Rachael Stephen

Prior to the Health Management Intern Program, I attained a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from Curtin University in Western Australia. I have applied my clinical skills to work in acute tertiary hospitals in WA, Tasmania and most recently at The Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. I have been privileged to provide care for patients in Acute Aged care, Respiratory and Vestibular specialties. In addition to this, I have experienced teaching and providing training for new clinicians in these areas. 

I applied for the Health Management Intern Program to gain experience and to enhance my knowledge of the management of hospital based health care for patients. I am looking forward to working with the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority as they have the capacity to directly impact the service delivery and structure of acute health care.

I look forward to working through the challenges associated with the Health Management program. This includes the changing mindset from a clinician to a health manager, building new professional relationships and learning the scope of practice as a health manager to improve and influence health care services.

Chloe Tadorian

I am a first year management intern being placed at the Agency for Clinical Innovation in 2019. I will be rotating between several Directorates including Patient Care and Experience, Strategies, Surgical and Medicinal Interventions, and Corporate Affairs.

I completed a double degree in Science, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Business & Commerce, majoring in Management. I graduated from Western Sydney University in 2017. I previously worked in the distribution of Assistive Technology individuals living with visual impairment.

I have a passion for improving Quality of Life, and look forward to the opportunity to help improve strategies, efficiencies and patient care across the health sector. I would also like to improve my own approach to leadership and effective management.

Jessica Wragg

Jessica is a 1st year Management Intern who commenced the program in 2019 with the ACI.

Jessica completed a Bachelor of Health Science at the University of Sydney with a Major in Marketing. Since graduating she has worked in the Peritonectomy Unit, Department of Surgery at St George Hospital.

Jessica is passionate about work in public health and health promotion both in Australia and internationally. She looks forward to developing her skills in management and leadership within the health sector. Jess hopes that working with innovators and health care leaders will help her become an active agent in improving the health of Australians.