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Tais Lildaree
Tais Lildaree

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Celebrating victories – the things that really matter

Author: Jane Dinh

Date: 20 May 2016











'Celebrate victories' is a competency that I think about the least. This is a reflection not only on my professional life but also on my personal life. One of the best things about the HMIP is the opportunity to absorb all this knowledge and wisdom. This of course comes from a lot of reflection, self-assessment and self-awareness.

One of my most recent reflections was on celebrating victories. After talking to my family and friends who have said how proud they are of my achievements, I kept thinking to myself that I haven’t achieved my ultimate goal and was not happy with where I was at. But in reality I had in fact achieved many things to get to where I am today. Everything I have done previously, my skills and experiences has led me on the path of HMIP.

I was guilty of being too hard on myself, as most of us are. Previously when I reached a milestone, I was never happy or satisfied, consequently making my end goal unrealistic and harder to achieve. A question I ask myself a lot lately is “when I get to my goal, would I be happy?” This really resonates with me because now I understand life is a journey not a destination. I have to be happy along the way and celebrate all the little things that matter. This includes the special moments, people, work, knowledge and wisdom that I have gained along the way. Otherwise I would never be happy with my life.

My recent reflection on things that we take for granted could be as simple as getting out of bed. A victory could be as small as waking up in the morning. Victories do not have to be purely work related but could also be on a personal level which makes your life more fulfilling. Celebrating victories can help you appreciate the small things in life such as our friends, family, colleagues or beloved pets. Taking time to celebrate these “wins” can really motivate us to take the next step. When we feel good about ourselves suddenly everything becomes easier and more manageable.

Celebrating victories can be as simple as gratitude or as complex as implementing a large project. The key is to be happy and proud of yourself every step of the way. It helps to look at the bigger picture, then focus on a something small that you achieved. Sometimes when we expect too much we lose sight of the things that make us who we are. Although I still resist celebrating victories (no matter how small they are) I find I am becoming increasingly self-aware of these struggles. I believe it is all about our mindset, everything happens for a reason, so we need to take the positives out of any situation (even if it is a negative one!).





Jane Dinh is a 2nd year management intern in the Vic Health Management Internship Program (HMIP). Click here to know more about the program.

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