Applications for the 2023 ACHSM Fellowship Program are closed.

Reading lists

The reading lists consist of core readings with which all candidates are expected to be familiar. There are separate lists for candidates from Australia only and New Zealand. A similar but separate list of readings is available for candidates from Hong Kong.

These readings should be regarded as a minimum. During the examination process the candidate will be expected to use the concepts and ideas provided in the set readings. Candidates will not be questioned on individual readings however, the set questions may make reference to authors or key readings. Candidates are expected to approach these readings with a critical eye rather than slavish adoption and acceptance of what ideas they contain.

Fellowship Coordinators

The ACHSM has appointed Fellowship Coordinators in each Branch of the College. Fellowship Coordinators are Fellows of the College who volunteer to provide assistance to successful candidates. Coordinators will normally contact the accepted candidates and discuss with them their needs and the available assistance to Candidates within the Branch. Candidates are also encouraged to make initial contact with the Fellowship Coordinators. The list of fellowship coordinators is available on the College's website. 

Study Groups

Candidates must participate in a locally coordinated Study Group conducted by the Fellowship Coordinators unless there is sound reason for not doing so. Many past candidates cite the Study Group process as one of the most beneficial components of the preparation for Fellowship. 

Where the number of candidates in a Branch is insufficient to enable a study group to be formed Fellowship Coordinators will discuss with candidates the best options to assist them to prepare for the examination. This many be through individual support or by cooperation with a study group in another Branch.

The College does not allocated any funds to assist the Study Groups and each Group is expected to agree its own processes in association with the Fellowship Coordinators. Generally candidates agree that the Study Group will meet on a regular basis either face to face to by online through the Griffith Collaborate Rooms or a combination or the two.

Study Groups are a cooperative process where the role of the Fellowship Coordinator is to facilitate, mentor and encourage. Fellowship Coordinators are volunteers and it is up to the candidates to accept some responsibility for the continuing coordination and success of the Group.

Example Examination Questions

The Chief Examiner distributes example examination questions to the study group coordinators for use within the study groups. These mock questions are not distributed to individual candidates and only those candidates participating in the Study Groups or in contact with the Fellowship Coordinator will have access to the study questions.

Coordinators Report on Candidates’ Preparation

Prior to the examination each coordinator is asked to complete a report on the participation in their Study Group of all candidates from the Branch. Coordinators are also asked to assess the candidate's preparation for the examination. In those cases where the examination panel are of the view that the candidate has not articulated clearly their skills and knowledge during the oral examination, reference may be made to the assessment of the candidate by the relevant Fellowship Study Coordinator. This information is confidential and is only used by the examination committee and the chief examiner and only when it is necessary to make a determination as to the outcome of the examination where the candidate's performance is marginal.