Fellowship application

Applications for the 2020 Fellowship Program are open and will close Fri 29 Nov 2019

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Essential elements for acceptance as a Fellowship candidate

There are three essential requirements to be met:

  1. Applicants must be financial Associate Fellows of the College to commence the Fellowship Program.
  2. Candidates must score at least 20 points on the Membership Application and Advancement Scoring Form.
  3. Payment of Application Fee must be submitted with application.

Please note: interested applicants must estimate their own score before applying. Neither College staff nor the Chief Examiner is available to undertake the scoring in advance of receiving the application.

Submitting applications

To submit an application complete the following steps.

  1. Download the Membership Application and Advancement Scoring Form and complete the scoring to assess if you meet the minimum 20 points.
  2. CV – Summary: put together a one-page summary of your CV that an Examiner would find useful when examining candidates – CV Summary Template
  3. CV – Full version: make sure that your CV is up to date and includes sufficient detail to support the points that you claim in the Membership Application and Advancement Scoring Form and provides evidence of claimed publications - you can add a separate document in addition to your CV to list your publications and Profession Activities in detail to meet the requirements on the Membership Application and Advancement Scoring Form.
  4. Provide certified copies of your relevant qualifications for which you are claiming points.
  5. Download the Username and Password to Fellowship Online Portal form, fill out and attach it to your application.
  6. Download the Fellowship Payment Form, complete it to make your Fellowship Payment Fee and attach that to your application.
  7. Download and sign the Copyright Declaration Form and attach it to your application for Fellowship.
  8. Applications must be submitted as PDF files to a maximum size of 5MB. Only electronic applications are accepted. More than one file can be submitted to make up your application. Please email applications to Alison McCannDo no post a hard copy.

Please note that the application form asked for details of Profession Activities NOT Professional Development activities. Profession Activities are when you support the profession - Professional Development activities are when the profession supports you. Profession Development activities may include significant participation in ACHSM committees and leading or delivering College professional development activities, casual lecturing in health service management, leading or delivering workplace professional development in health service management, ACHS and aged care surveyor (please note that these activities must be substantial and continuing).

Each application is individually assessed. Applicants will be contacted by the Executive Assistant of the Fellowship Program from the ACHSM National Office regarding the outcome of this assessment concerning their eligibility.