Applications for the 2024 Fellowship Program are now closed.

Preparation for examination

This section provides details on how to prepare for the Fellowship Examination.

Reading lists

The Reading Lists consist of core readings with which all Candidates are expected to be familiar.  The Reading Lists also identify those readings that are specific to Candidates geographic location. A single reading list denotes relevance to Australia or Aotearoa so that candidates from each country can read them if they are of interest to them.

  • International Candidates will use the reading list for Australia and Aotearoa for the examination.
  • Candidates from Hong Kong use the Hong Kong Reading list.

The Reading List items are regarded as a minimum.  During the examination, Candidates are expected to use the concepts and ideas provided in the set readings to support their preparation and responses to examination questions.  Candidates will not be questioned on individual readings; however, the set questions may refer to authors or key readings.  Candidates are required to critically read the articles on the reading list.

The readings have intentionally been reduced in number to enable study coordinators, study groups and candidates to also source from their own searches, relevant readings/articles that support discussions.  This is in response to feedback that the volume of readings previously did not provide opportunity for the readings to be regarded as ‘minimum'.  While the Readings are organised by months according to a recommended progression of readings, Study Coordinators may choose to review these differently for their individual study groups.

Also note that readings provided for Candidates is via the ACHSM Fellowship Web Site.

Fellowship study coordinators

The ACHSM has appointed Fellowship Coordinators in each Branch of the College and a special study group for international candidates that are not part of the Hong Kong cohort.  Fellowship Coordinators are Fellows of the College who volunteer to assist Candidates. Coordinators will normally contact the accepted Candidates and discuss their needs and the available assistance to Candidates within the Branch.

Candidates are also encouraged to attend Branch and whole of College activities and available webinars/webcasts.

The list of fellowship coordinators is available on the Fellowship website and successful applicants for candidature are provided with access when admitted to the program. 

Fellowship study groups

Study Groups :  Study groups are a cooperative process where the role of the Fellowship Coordinator is to facilitate, mentor and encourage.  Fellowship Coordinators are volunteers, and it is up to the Candidates to accept some responsibility for the continuing coordination and success of the Group.

The expectation is that Candidates participate in their assigned Study Group conducted by the Fellowship Study Coordinators unless there is a sound reason for not doing so.  Many past Candidates cite the Study Group process as one of the most beneficial components of the preparation for Fellowship.  However, the College recognises that for some Candidates, participation in a study group is not a practical activity for them (for example, due to distance, family/carer commitments).  Access to Fellowship Study meetings is now provided via videoconferencing apps and  as such, distance has not created the challenges that it might have previously.

Where the number of Candidates in a Branch is insufficient to enable a study group to be formed, The Chief Examiner will discuss the best options to assist Candidates.  This may be through individual support or in cooperation with a study group in another Branch using the Collaborate functionality in the ACHSM Fellowship website.

Access to the Fellowship website

The application form submitted contains all the information need to provide access to the ACHSM Fellowship website for successful applicants. The access granted will be for the period of candidature and is discontinued if candidature withdraw from the program or after the Fellowship Examination, whichever is earlier.

Example examination questions

The Chief Examiner distributes example examination questions to the Fellowship Coordinators for use within the study groups.  Study Groups and Candidates are expected to participate in a MOCK EXAM towards the end of their planned study group activities and readings. The MOCK EXAMS assist the Candidate with preparation for an oral exam, including how they might break down a question and provide an answer that is succinct, organised and demonstrates critical thinking, and references the candidate’s lived experiences of leading and managing.

Coordinators report on candidates’ preparation

Before the examination, each Fellowship Coordinator completes a report on the  Candidates' participation in their study group. Coordinators are also asked to assess the Candidate’s preparation for the examination.  Such an assessment will help inform the Candidate's readiness for the Fellowship Exam.