The President’s Award

Awarded to a  member who has contributed in some significant way to the ACHSM and/or the broader health industry, including leadership; management; public, private, or non-government service delivery; research; academia; etc.

Griffith University - Sr Angela Mary Doyle Academic Award

Awarded to the student(s) who complete the requirements of the award of Master of Health Service Management at the Griffith University, with the highest Grade Point Average (GPA).

QUT - Duncan Palmer Memorial Prize

Awarded to the final-year student with the highest achievement in the units Health Service  Management and Health Policy Planning and Evaluation

Jack Richards Memorial Prize

Awarded to a second year student in the Bachelor of Health Science - Health Services Management who achieves the highest grade point average for the year.

Best Free paper at State Conference

Awarded to the member who is judged to have submitted the best paper. Not always awarded. Has to be of excellent standard. Money goes towards attendance at the next National Congress.