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Volume 11 - Issue 3 - 2016

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Editorial: The Journal – a Critical Development in the Professional Journey of the College

Author: Bill Lawrence
Pages: 4-5

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In This Issue
Author: D Briggs
Page: 6-9

In This Issue
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Night Lights Poem
Authors: Col Grant
Pages: 10

Night Lights Poem
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Equitable Care for Indigenous People: every health service can do it
Authors: Judith Dwyer, Kim O’Donnell, Eileen Willis and Janet Kelly
Pages: 11-18  DOI: 10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0030

What Problem is Being Solved? ‘Preventability’ and the Case of Pricing for Safety and Quality
Authors: Stephen Duckett
Pages: 18-21  DOI: 10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0020

Towards More Meaningful Measures in Healthcare
Authors:  Stephen Leeder, Lesley Russell and Angela Beaton
Pages: 22-25  DOI: 10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0025

Federalism and Australia’s National Health and Health Insurance System 
Authors: Andrew Stuart Podger
Pages: 26-37.   DOI:10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0031

The Language of Health Reform and Health Management: critical issues in the management of health systems
Authors: David Briggs and Godfrey Isouard
Pages: 38-44   DOI:10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0033

Health Systems in Australia and Four Other Countries: choices and challenges
Authors:  Jo M Martins
Pages: 45-57  DOI: 10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0029

Health Workforce Migration in the Asia Pacific: implications for the achievement of sustainable development goals
Authors: Stephanie Short, Kanchan Marcus and Madhan Balasubramanian
Pages: 58-64  DOI: 10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0028

The Tyranny of Size: challenges of health administration in Pacific Island States
Author: Richard Taylor
Pages: 65-74   DOI: 10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0032

Healthcare System Restructuring in New Zealand: problems and proposed solutions
Author: Robin Gauld
Pages: 75-80  DOI: 10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0027
From Global to Local: strengthening district health systems management as entry point to achieve health-related sustainable development goals
Author: Phudit Tejativaddhana, David Briggs and Romnalin Tonglor
Pages: 81-86   DOI: 10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0026
Launching Hong Kong’s Healthcare Financing Reform: why continued inaction?
Author: Geoffrey Lieu
Pages: 87-102  DOI: 10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0034
Library Bulletin
Author: ACHSM Library
Pages: 103-110