The Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management

Volume 12 - Issue 3 - 2017

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Editorial: Progressing Health Reform Through Collaboration and Community Engagement
Author: David Briggs
APJHM 2017, 12(3): 6-7

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In This Issue
Author: David Briggs
APJHM 2017, 12(3): 4-5

In This Issue
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Viewpoint: The Desirability of Zero Tolerance for Procrastination
Authors: Stephen Leeder
APJHM 2017; 12(3):8-10.

A Recipe for Success: localism and bounded rationality in lobbying for radiation therapy services in North West Tasmania
Authors: Sancia West, Elizabeth Shannon, Elaine Crisp and Tony Barnett
APJHM 2017; 12(3):11-15.  doi:10.24083/apjhm.2017.0027 
Assessing the Competence of Evidence-Informed Decision-Making Amongst Health Service Managers
Authors:  Zhanming Liang, Peter Howard and Dennis Wollersheim
APJHM 2017; 12(3):16-23.  doi:10.24083/apjhm.2017.0032

Effects of Clinical Placements on Paramedic Students’ Learning Outcomes
Authors:  Nualnong Wongtongkam and Lyle Brewster
APJHM 2017; 12(3):24-31.  doi:10.24083/apjhm.2016.12.0036

Healthcare Workforce in Indonesia
Authors: Suryanto, Malcolm Boyle and Virginia Plummer
APJHM 2017; 12(3):32-40.  doi:10.24083/apjhm.2017.0006

Beyond the Numbers: on the road to achieving public value in community support organisations
Authors:  Fiona Girkin, Elizabeth Shannon, Craig Zimitat and Kate-Ellen Elliot
APJHM 2017; 12(3): 41-45.  doi:10.24083/apjhm.2017.0033

Beyond the Numbers - Article
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Library Bulletin
Author:   Yaping Liu
APJHM 2017; 12(3):46-51.