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Featuring the latest thinking on what can be improved within the current health system to improve services & outcomes.

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1. Welcome

Welcome to Health Leader TV! This episode looks at what more can be done within the health system to improve systems & services. We speak with industry leaders, look at the latest research and translational work out in the field aiming to improve outcomes.


2. Systems & Services

We speak to industry leaders about the challenges of ensuring systems & services, and skills and knowledge, are constantly keeping pace in a complex environment.


3. Australian Health Services Research Institute (AHSRI)

Behind policy and improvement lies a breadth of research conducted to ensure the best possible decisions are made to achieve positive outcomes. We look at the work of one of Australia’s leading health institutes, the Australian Health Services Research Institute (AHSRI).


4. Rural health in Australia

Managing the health of large rural populations is a constant challenge. HLTV was at the ACHSM Asia-Pacific Congress to talk to leaders about this crucial challenge.


5. Francis Health

With health systems constantly evolving and adapting, health managers often need support to improve performance and affect sustainable change. We look at work to enable health managers to think and behave in new ways - by Francis Health


6. Goodbye/Credits

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