Episode 3

Research and Innovation

Featuring work across health innovation and research, helping to drive the industry forward and support better health management.


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1. Welcome

Welcome to Health Leader TV! Episode 3 looks at leading research and innovation that’s supporting healthcare commercialisation, globalisation and education.


2. Innovation and Digital Health 

Healthcare is facing a disruptive period which is open ended. We speak to leaders about what this means and the challenges & opportunities that lie ahead.


3. National Health Innovation Centre - Singapore

Healthcare is an increasingly global business and Singapore is known for having one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world. Health Leader TV went to Singapore to look at the work of a new entity that is designed to support the commercialisation and acceleration of global health innovation – by National Health Innovation Centre.


4. Transforming Health Leadership

Health Leader TV talks to leaders about the transformation of health management and the need to constantly evolve thinking and practices to face current and future challenges.


5. University of Melbourne

Customised education inevitably leads to better outcomes. We take a look at leading work in this space, as well as research that is supporting better policy decisions with the University of Melbourne.


6. Goodbye/Credits

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