Call for presentation abstracts

19 - 21 September 2018
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Healthcare leaders – intrepid explorers of new frontiers 

Deadline: Fri 9 March 2018

The Australasian College of Health Service Management invites executives, managers, consultants, clinicians, planners, policy makers, academics, researchers, and those involved in health governance with an interest in positively informing health management, leadership and policy to submit an abstract for the 2018 Annual Congress.
Our most recent Congress in Sydney in late September 2017 was an outstanding success with well over 500 attendees.

The theme will be ‘Healthcare Leaders – intrepid explorers of new frontiers’. Across several decades we have explored key issues of leadership, health economics, learning and development, design and construction and other areas critical to leading and managing in the health, aged care and social care sectors.  At Congress 2018 in Darwin we will be exploring areas of new ways of thinking and innovative development; preparedness and sustainability; strong and effective leadership at the frontiers of new ways of engaging and working that will support leaders and managers working in public, private and NGO sectors throughout Australasia and the world.

We now welcome speakers and contributors to present this interesting and exciting program and invite abstracts setting out potential contributions to the program from some key areas of experience and expertise:

  • Sector or industry case studies – provide an opportunity for practitioners; leaders and managers; consultants, vendors and those involved in governance to present experience, learning and ideas from the delivery and application space.
  • Leadership case studies – presentations about experience, ideas, application and transferrable successes focusing on the key areas of responsibility in vision setting; engaging with stakeholders and transforming health, aged care and social care organisations.
  • Contributions to facilitate and present a workshop or masterclass – provides the opportunity for treatment of topics and learning areas in some depth and enables those with the experience to lead and facilitate these sessions
  • Academic & Scientific papers – research and development work and projects as well as evaluation and application of research experience to the field
There are 4 types of presentation opportunities available at this international event for 2018 that will attract attendees from all over Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and if the 2017 Congress is indicative, indeed from all over the globe. Please submit one or more abstracts as:

  1. Short paper presentations – a maximum 10-15 minutes – up to 50 opportunities available
  2. Poster presentation – this year, in addition to posters presented at the Congress there will be electronic presentation of poster contributions as well
  3. PechaKucha Presentation - PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you speak along to the images. This format of presentation means an overall 6½ minute presentation involving pictures/slides and live narrative. (
  4. Workshops or Masterclasses – 90 minute full concurrent or pre-congress session workshop focussing on a specific health leadership implementation challenge or issue – 8 sessions available

As a guide, the suggested focus areas for the 2018 Congress will be practical explorations of how to survive and thrive the current and future challenges for health leaders. This may include but is NOT limited to theme areas such as: 

  • Rural and Remote service and care delivery and Indigenous Health leadership – experience and panning in ‘Closing the Gap’, applied actions and initiatives that contribute to the unique issues and arrangements in meeting health, aged care and social care needs in various communities and for groups of people.
  • Digital health - innovations now and prospective development and delivery and includes consumer focus.
  • Disaster preparedness - response and recovery in health systems, business continuity incorporating health workforce challenges, health leadership succession challenges, business continuity in relation to health infrastructure learnings and also includes quality, risk and safety engagement and readiness. 
  • Global health leadership perspectives/sustainable health systems – includes system reform and change, consumer focus, political policy focus.

Rural and Remote and Indigenous Health Leadership will be themes running through the entire Congress 2018 program.

SHORT PAPERS - Concurrent Session Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation will be a maximum 10-15 minutes in length followed by five minutes for questions and discussion. Oral presentations should have a coherent structure, a clearly stated purpose, descriptive information, including necessary contextual detail, and report on research findings, evaluation results, lessons learned, or other evaluative assessments. The room will be equipped with a data projector, screen and laptop computer.


Posters are a display presentation only.  Material is mounted on a poster board. The poster must be laminated and not exceed 122cm wide and 91cm high. Abstracts for posters should be informational and report on the work completed. Invited posters will be displayed during Congress 2018 and will be electronically presented after the congress.

If your poster is accepted for display, one author must register for the Congress (at a discount rate) and be as available as possible during breaks to answer questions on their poster. 


PechaKucha presentations enable you to present new, innovative and successful ideas and initiatives in a focused, concise and structured way. This format of presentation means an overall 6½ minute presentation involving pictures/slides and live narrative. (

WORKSHOPS/Masterclasses - Concurrent and Pre-Congress Full Session Implementation Workshops/Masterclasses

These sessions provide an opportunity for a more in depth approach to one of the topics listed above and presenters / authors will have 90 minutes. Presentations should have a coherent structure, a clearly stated purpose, descriptive information, including necessary contextual detail, and report on research findings, evaluation results, lessons learned, or other evaluative assessments such as workplace or other outcomes. The room will be equipped with a data projector, screen and laptop computer. If providing a proposal / brief/abstract for these workshops, submissions should indicate if they are willing to present a similar / contracted paper in the shorter oral presentation format.  Other than the information required for all abstracts, you may attach a file of up to 10 x A4 pages outlining the expertise of all presenter(s) if more than one and other information to support submission.


  • Provide a forum to enrich health services management and leadership practices and innovations; 
  • Showcase leading practices and the factors leading to success through case studies in health management, leadership and policy. 
  • Address the challenges facing policy-makers and health managers and leaders in enhancing health service delivery related to Aboriginal and indigenous health, aged care, mental health, primary care, public and private sectors, rural health and quality and safety; infrastructure and 
  • Highlight innovation in governance, workforce and technologies that can help to transform health systems and services. 
How to submit an abstract

The submission and review of papers for the ACHSM 2018 Asia Pacific Congress will be managed through an online conference paper management system called ‘EasyChair’ ( The submission web portal is found at:

This link will take your to the EasyChair log in page.  You need to be currently registered or create a new registration to be able to access and submit your abstract(s) though EasyChair.  EasyChair has all the necessary information and prompts for you to access and register in the system.
The EasyChair web site for ACHSM 2018 is the only way in which you can submit your abstracts – email or hardcopy abstract submissions will not be accepted. 
Abstracts will be peer-reviewed according to how well they meet the Congress aims and the following:

  • Learning objectives and outcomes clearly articulated and relevant to the aims; 
  • Evidence that the practice achieved its objectives; 
  • Practical implications; 
  • Originality and innovation; and  
  • Results and lesson learned.
Authors will be notified of program acceptance decisions by 13 April 2018.

General information - applies to oral, full session and poster presentations.

  • The presenting author's contact details, including a valid email address and mobile number, are to be used when submitting the abstract 
  • All abstracts must be submitted no later than close of business on 9 March 2018 
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English and limited to 300 words, covering:
    • Learning objectives,
    • Activities, interventions, methods, innovations,
    • Outcomes, results, lessons learned, and
    • Conclusions
  • The presenting author’s biography and a suitable photo, which will be used in the Congress app if successful, should be submitted with the abstract. The biography must be in complete sentences and limited to 100 words and should contain information about current work role, career history and professional achievements 
  • Multiple abstract submissions are permitted. However, a separate abstract submission with author details and biography etc must be provided for each separate submission 
  • The abstract will appear in Congress materials as submitted. Please ensure the abstract is checked carefully before submitting, as changes or additions will not be accepted after the call for abstracts closes on 9 March 2018.  
Terms and conditions

Authors submitting an abstract agree to the following terms and conditions: 

  • Confirmation that each author listed agrees with the content of the abstract and has given permission to be listed as an author presenter or author, 
  • Confirmation of the accuracy of the information and referencing within the abstract, 
  • The presenter will be required to complete a Congress registration if the abstract is accepted for presentation and that the abstract will not be published until registration and full payment has been received, 
  • Permission granted for the Congress organisers to publish the abstract in the Congress proceedings app,
  • Permission granted for the Congress organisers to publish the email address and the author’s photo as provided for the presenting author and authors (as listed in the abstract) in the Congress app, and 
  • Understanding that the abstract will be published, if accepted, as submitted and that no editing to grammar or spelling will be undertaken by the Academic Committee.

Abstract Enquiries only: 
Mark Avery: or +61 (0)7 3735 3287

Congress 2018 Program and Registration Enquiries:  
Melissa McLennan  or +61 (0)2 8753 5130