2015 Asia Pacific Annual Congress Presentations

28 October 2015

Pre Congress Workshops

Workshop: Managing Conflict – there’s a fraction too much friction

  Dr Christine Dennis (ACHS) 


Plenary 2: Odds on Favourite – Who’s the Winner? What’s the Prize?

Chair: Bronwyn Pike, Chair, Western Health Board

Observations from around the Healthcare World

  Christopher Rex, CEO, Ramsay Health 


Concurrent Session 1:

Stream 1: Leadership

Chair: Daniel Mahony  

Developing Leaders – lessons from service improvement experiences

  Pam O’Nions, Senior Consultant Qualitas Consortium Pty Ltd 

Engaging doctors in health service leadership and management

  Professor Erwin Loh, Chief Medical Officer, Monash Health, Clinical Professor, Monash University


Stream 3: Engagement

Chair: Assoc Prof John Rasa  

A rural communities’ journey to improve and modify its hospital work practices

  Michael Delahunty, Chief Executive, Echuca Regional Health 

Effective Stakeholder engagement on Health Issues: Powerful Impacts 

  Katharine Bentley, Director, Katharine Bentley and Associates Consulting Pty Ltd 

Engage! (Or…’getting’ people to do what we want)

  Dr Cathy Balding, Managing Director of Qualityworks PL


Stream 4: Workforce

Chair: Stephen Walker  

An evidenced‐based process for health service management workforce competence assessment and development

  Dr Zhanming Liang, Senior Lecturer HSM College of Science, Health & Engineering La Trobe University

  A/Prof Godfrey Isouard, Head of Health Management Programs, School of Health, UNE 

Promoting support and improving cultural safety and resource for our Aboriginal workforce

  Deborah Stuart, Operations Director Monash Health Community and Allied Health


29 October 2015

Plenary 3: An International Event

Chair: Neale Fong 

The Leadership Challenge in Health Care

  Professor Chris Ham, CEO Kings Fund 

Global Perspective on professionalization of healthcare management

  Eric de Roodenbeke, PhD , CEO International Hospital Federation


Concurrent Session 2

Stream 5: Leadership

Chair: Kate Copeland  

Ethical Decision Making for Health Managers: What Style Are You?

  Professor Gary E Day, Professor of HSM, Department of HSM, School of Medicine, Griffith University 

Guiding Transformational Journeys: If I Had a Hammer?           

  Wendy Quinn, Managing Director, WJQuinn Consulting 

Ambiguity Uncertainty

  Dr Lindsay McMillan OAM Reventure Ltd


Stream 6: Quality Improvement

Chair: John Smith  

Health service quality in Victoria: Addressing the tension between reactive risk and proactive quality improvement

  Dr Cathy Balding , Director, Qualityworks PL 

NSQHS Accreditation – An Independent View of the Impact of the Standards onPatient Safety Opportunities and Challenges for Leaders and Managers

  Sandy Thomson ‐Governance Plus 

Clinical Indicators – After 20 years of data! What’s changed?

  Dr Brian Collopy and Myu Nathan


Stream 7: Culture

Chair: Prof Geoff Dobb  

Harnessing Employee Engagement in a Healthcare Department: Moving from a Culture of Blame to a Culture of Success

  Amy Bach, Deputy Physiotherapy Manager of Epworth Rehabilitation Camberwell 


Stream 8: Aged Care

Chair: Graham Hyde  

The Future of Aged Care in Australia

  Dr Richard Baldwin, Honorary Associate, Faculty of Health, University of Technology, NSW 

Duty of Care and Duty of Loyalty - Why Care Governance is Important to BoardMembers and Senior Executives of Aged Care Organizations. 

  Richard Olley, Senior Lecturer, HSM Griffith University, QLD


Plenary 4: Out of the Barriers – courage, determination and will to succeed

Co-Chairs: Catherine Chaffey & Christine Dennis  

Out of the Barriers – Courage, determination and the will to succeed

  Dale Fisher, CEO, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 

Service Delivery at Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service Inc.

  Barbara Henry, Chief Executive Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service, Perth, WA

Paths Travelled

  Adjunct Professor Debra Thoms, Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office, Commonwealth Department of Health


Concurrent Session 3

Stream 9: Partnerships and Collaboration

Chair: Wendy Davis 

The Collaborative "shared problems require shared solutions"

  Lyn Morgain, Chief Executive, cohealth 

The Power is in Our Hands: The ability for technology to empower

  Kate Appledore ACHSM (HMIP) 

Collaboration & partnerships in primary health care

  Jason Trethowan CEO, Western Victoria Primary Health Network 

QLife: Providing a Nation Wide Mental Health Service for LGBTI People

  Ross Jacobs, National Clinical Director of QLife


Stream 10: Front line!

Chair: Kerry Clifford  

Transforming Health Service Delivery Through Electronic Medication Management

  Robin Mann, Director KPMG Australia’s Health and Human Servicespractice 

Targeted simulation to improve patient safety and organisational learning

  Matthew Johnson, Director of Clinical Education, Cabrini 

Planning what you need starts with knowing what you have: A national survey of emergency department service models and workforce configuration 

  Glenn Gardner, Professor of Nursing QUT


Stream 11: Quality

Chair: Linda O’Connor  

Median waiting times for elective surgery should be interpreted in combinationwith the percentage of removals from waiting lists as indicators ofhospital performance

  Shaun Purkiss, La Trobe University 

Performance Measurement in the Context of Activity Based Management

  Gowri Sriraman, Performance Analyst, Performance Management, Prince of Wales Hospital


Stream 12: The Clinician Leader

Chair: Godfrey Isouard  

Role of Medical Defence Organisation (MDO) in Patient Safety and Quality

  Kaveri Stanley, Avant 

Why ABF & Patient Costing within a Health Unit

  Garth Barnett, Senior Costing Consultant, Powerhealth Solutions 

10 Tips for Clinicians Transitioning to a Clinician Manager

  Dr Andrew Jeffreys, Clinical Services Director