Alternative pathway to Fellowship


Within the Australasian College of Health Service Management Fellowship is the peak membership level. It represents the recognition by your peers of your experience, competence and contribution to the profession of health leadership. Acceptance into the Fellowship program is only available to those members of the College with 20 or more membership points. Most eligible candidates for fellowship are required to undertake a period of study through study group and pass an examination. However, a small number of members, or health service executives that are eligible for membership, who score more than 45 membership points, may qualify for the ‘alternative pathway’ to Fellowship.  

Process for applying for Fellowship of ACHSM through the alternative pathway

Step 1 – Fill in the application form

Complete the Membership Application and Advancement Scoring Form. If you score more than 45 points, and this includes 4 points from the executive level of management experience (Section 2 question 3) you may be eligible for the alternative pathway to Fellowship.

Step 2 – Pay the requisite fees and submit the Form and supporting evidence

If you are not already an Associate Fellow of the College

If you are already an Associate Fellow of the College;

  • Submit the completed Membership Application and advancement Scoring Form together with your CV and any testamonials or other reference material (for example, copies of university qualifications, proof of publications etc.,) that is necessary to validate the points indicated in your Scoring Form. [NB: check that your CV includes sufficient details to support the points you score on the Application Form. Vague details may require further correspondence and delay the process].
  • Download, complete and submit with your application, the Fellowship payment form
  • Attach two letters of endorsement from existing Fellows of the College (see below)
  • Submit all your documents as one PDF file commencing with the Membership Application and Advancement form.


Should your application not be successful the fellowship fee will be refunded to you – less a $100 administration charge.

Step 3 – Assessment and endorsement

ACHSM will assess your application and if need be seek any further supporting information required from you to verify the information you provide. Upon confirming a score over 45 points on the form your application will move to endorsement.

There are 2 alternatives for endorsement of your application

  1. You submit with your application the written endorsement of 2 existing Fellows of the College.
  2. Alternatively your assessed application will be tabled for endorsement at the next available Branch Council meeting in your area. These approvals may occur “out of session” to facilitate this process.
Step 4 – ACHSM Board approval

Once processed the application is submitted to the ACHSM Board for approval at the next meeting. The Board meets every two months.

Step 5 – Conferring of your Fellowship

Your fellowship will be conferred at the next Annual General meeting. You will be expected to attend and join other Fellowship candidates being conferred at that time. The ceremony is an important element in acknowledging your substantial achievement in attaining Fellowship of ACHSM regardless of the pathway.

Alternative arrangements for conferral are possible if attendance at the AGM is not possible.

How long does this process take?

It is expected that it will take between 6-10 weeks to complete the above process from submission of application to Board approval. You will be kept informed of progress at each stage of the process.


Please address all initial enquiries direct to the Chief Executive Officer – Catherine Chaffey