HMIP Vic 1st year interns

Simon Hogan

Simon is a 1st Year Management Intern who commenced the program in 2016. He is currently on his first placement at Monash Health working in the Innovation and Improvement team.

Simon completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and worked in the mental health space for a number of years before commencing the program.

Simon joined the program to gain a broad understanding of the health system and to develop various skills. The opportunity to study a Health Administration whilst working in a number of different environments during the program will set him up for a great career in the health industry.

Angeline Kuek

Angeline is a 1st Year Management Intern who commenced the program in 2016. Her current placement is at Barwon Health with the Health Innovation and Projects Office.

Angeline completed a Master of Public Health at the University of Adelaide and she also holds a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons) from the University of Melbourne. She has previously worked in Singapore and in South Australia as a research assistant in the field of mental health and eating disorders.

She joined the program as she wanted to gain experience in project management and increase her knowledge about the operational aspects of health services. She is interested in Mental Health and Pediatrics and hopes to pursue a career either in the delivery of health services or preventive healthcare.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching sports, spending time with friends and travelling.

Jhai Madden

Jhai is a 1st Year Management Intern who commenced the Program in 2016. His current rotation is with the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria.

Jhai holds a Bachelor of Science from Melbourne University as well as a Master of Public Health (Health Economics & Program Evaluation) from the University of Melbourne – Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. Prior to the program, Jhai was working as a Public Health researcher focussing on methods to reduce sedentary behaviour. Jhai joined the program to gain broader experience in the health care system, gain project management skills and be exposed to higher levels of management throughout the health sector. Accompanied with a Master of Health Administration, he believes this experience will assist him in pursuing a career in Health Management.

Mpilwenhle MP Mthunzi

Mpilwenhle, whose name means ‘good life’ in Zulu, is a first year Health Management Intern at the Department of Health and Human Services, Rural Health branch. He has a Bachelor of Nursing Studies (Mental Health) from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College in England. As well as a Masters in Health Promotion and Public Health from Brunel University, he is currently in the final stages of a doctorate degree in Public Health at La Trobe University. His area of research is on the strategies adopted by health service managers in managing multi-cultural teams.

An ardent fan of Arsenal Football Club in the English Premier League, Mpilwenhle lived in England prior to settling in Australia 4 years ago. He has a varied work experience in different mental health settings including forensic, acute admissions, child and adolescent, and learning disabilities, all amassed in England. Prior to joining the program, Mpilwenhle worked as an After Hours Manager at The Melbourne Clinic, and a casual lecturer in Health Sciences at La Trobe University.

Mpilwenhle says he applied to the program because the allure of the invaluable exposure to the broader operations of the healthcare service which the program affords could not be spurned. It is one of the few jobs that give one the opportunity to stick many fingers in different pies before settling for a particular one. Which pie will be chosen at the end of the internship remains to be seen, for now though all will be thoroughly enjoyed!

Shevaun O'Loghlen

Shevaun O’Loghlen is a 1st Year Management Intern who commenced the Program in 2016. She is currently based in Infrastructure and Commercial Services with Austin Health.

In addition to holding a Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Midwifery from La Trobe University, Shevaun is completing a Bachelor of Laws which she hopes will enhance her knowledge of how healthcare systems interact in an increasing legalistic climate.

Shevaun has joined the Program to gain exposure to a broader application of healthcare delivery whilst developing skills in leadership and innovation. She is passionate about quality in healthcare and is committed to ensuring it remains at the forefront of all her interactions with the Program and wider health community.

Alastair Tehan

Alastair Tehan is a first year management intern who commenced the HMIP in 2016. He is currently placed at the East Grampians Health Service in Ararat within their Executive Department.

Alastair holds a Bachelor and Masters of Osteopathy and has previously worked extensively as an Osteopath and clinical educator throughout Australia and abroad in the United Kingdom.

He joined the program to broaden his knowledge of the healthcare sector and to develop industry relevant management skills. In the future he hopes to utilize these experiences when pursuing health management career opportunities.


Bradley Van Ooi

Bradley is a 1st year management intern and is currently placed at the Department of Health and Human Services, in the performance and system design branch. 

Bradley completed a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Osteopathy before commencing his MBA studies in 2015. Prior to becoming an ACHSM health management intern Bradley worked for 6 years as an Osteopath, spending all of his time in private practice. Additionally, he worked at Victoria University supervising student clinic on a casual basis.

A desire to impact the health system on a greater scale led him to apply for the program.