NSW State branch awards

Prizes and Awards Presented at the 2017 Graduation Ceremony

Stan Williams Young Leader Awards

The criteria for these awards are based on overall contribution to the College, evaluations from their placement organisations, consistent academic achievement and demonstration of commitment to the profession of Health Service Management.

1st Year Intern 2016: Justin Lyons

Justin is an outstanding emerging health leader across all aspects of the HMIP with exceptional grades in the first year of the Master of Health Administration. Justin consistently receives positive feedback from his placement organisation, NSW Pathology, and is a valued leader amongst other Interns. 

2nd Year Intern 2016: William Hackworth

William has been an exceptional Intern and made significant contributions to the health sector and young leaders during the HMIP. William has achieved excellent grades in his final year of the Master of Health Administration. William has received high praise from both his placement organisations, NSW Ambulance and St Vincent's Hospital Network. William was an Intern Representative on the NSW Branch Council, as a Councillor. He is a highly respected leader amongst other Interns and colleagues with which he has worked. 

Placement Organisation of the Year 2016: South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

The criteria for Placement Organisation of the Year is based on how the placement provided for wide, varied and interesting experiences to extend the Interns understanding and knowledge. In addition, the level of commitment and support provided to the Interns by Senior Executive though opportunities and mentoring at the highest level.

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District has also demonstrated a long-term commitment to the NSW Health Management Internship Program by involvement in the selection and recruitment process and employing Interns for several years. They provide a structured and well supported development program for their Interns and the retention rate is extremely high, many former Interns now hold senior positions within the Organisation.