Victoria Branch Council


Wendy Davis FCHSM

Treasurer/Immediate Past President

John Turner FCHSM


Karen Minne FCHSM

Branch Councillors

Greg Allen FCHSM
Dr Mark Garwood FCHSM
Gabrielle Honeywood FCHSM
Adj A/Prof John Rasa FCHSM
Dr Margaret Way FCHSM
Demos Krouskos AFCHSM

Vic Branch Council 2017: call for nominations

Closing date: Fri 3 Mar 2017

Nominations are called from ACHSM financial members to fill three (3) positions on the Vic Branch Council. These positions are vacant as a result of three (3) Councilors up for re-election; in line with the requirements of Clause 7.3.8(a)(i) of the Rules that every year one-third of the members of the Branch Council shall retire from office but shall be eligible for re-election.The term of appointment to Council is three (3) years.

In addition to the 3 positions to be filled there are a further 2 casual vacancies available on the Branch Council which will be decided as part of this election process. One casual vacancy is for 2 years and one is for 1 year. Appointments will be based on the number of votes.

In 2017 the existing Branch Councilor Director for Victoria will retire and the Victorian Branch will be putting forward suitable nominations to the Nominations Committee. If you are interested in contributing to the College and potential appointment to the Board for contribution at a National level you must first be elected to the Branch Council.


To be eligible for election to the Branch Council, a member must be a financial member at the date of the nomination and a Member, Life Member, Retired Member, Associate Fellow or a Fellow of the College in accordance with Clause 7.3.1 of the Rules.

Nomination form