South Australia Branch Council


Stuart Schneider FCHSM 

Vice-President and National Board Director

Mark Diamond FCHSM


Linda South FCHSM

Branch Councillors

Gary Day FCHSM
Madhan Balasubramanian AFCHSM
Chris Barber AFCHSM
Heather Baron AFCHSM
Roslyn Chataway AFCHSM
Liana Niutta AFCHSM
Amanda Shields AFCHSM
Heidi Silverston AFCHSM

SA Branch Council 2017: call for nominations now open

Closing date: Fri 3 Mar 2017

Nominations are called from ACHSM financial members to fill SEVEN vacancies occurring in 2017. These positions are vacant as a result of six retiring members and one (1) ongoing vacancy; in line
with the requirements of Clause 7.3.8(a)(i) of the Rules.

The retiring members on this occasion are:

  1. Heather Baron is due to retire and offers herself for re-election
  2. Heidi Silverston is due to retire and offers herself for re-election
  3. Stuart Schneider is due to retire and offers himself for re-election
  4. Three vacancies to be filled following the retirement of Madhan Balasubramanian, Linda South and Amanda Shields.

The term of appointment to Council is three (3) years.


A member must be a financial fellow, associate fellow, retired or life member or member of the
College at the date of the nomination in accordance with Clause 7.3.1 of the Rules to be eligible for

Nomination form