New South Wales Branch Council


Paul Preobrajensky FCHSM 


Terry Clout FCHSM


Dr Christine Dennis FCHSM

Immediate Past President

Dominic Dawson FCHSM 

Branch Councillors

Assoc Prof Godfrey Isouard FCHSM 
Mary Potter Forbes AFCHSM
Dr Anuj Saraogi AFCHSM
Rebecca Pinheiro (Management Intern)
Natasia Seo (Management Intern)

In attendance at Branch Council meetings

Ex-officio members

Sharlene Chadwick (Executive Officer NSW, ACHSM)

NSW Branch Council 2017: call for nominations now open

As part of the strategic direction for NSW we are encouraging nominations from people who have experience in the aged care, private and Not for Profit sectors and we are seeking professionals in health management and leadership with the desired skills and expertise to contribute to the growth of the profession in NSW.

The call for nominations for 2017 are now open and we will have 4 retiring Councillors, who are also eligible to re-nominate. Closing date is 23 January 2017.

Please contact Sharlene Chadwick, Executive Officer NSW, if you would like more information.

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