Caitlyn Brennan

Caitlyn joined the internship program in 2018. Her first placement will be at Latrobe Valley Hospital, Traralgon.

Caitlyn has a Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH) from Charles Sturt University and a Masters of Public Health from the University of Newcastle. Her paper looked at the effectiveness of technology based delivery of oral hygiene education on patient compliance and behaviour.

Prior to joining the program, Caitlyn worked as an Oral Health Therapist for NSW Health (Albury) and Charles Sturt University as a clinical supervisor of the final year BOH students. She also was part of CSU indigenous student mentoring program, tutoring in biomedical science and in her spare time is a gym instructor.

Caitlyn joined the program to gain exposure to the healthcare system at a broader level and to develop a comprehensive understanding. While further developing her leadership and management skills.

Ren Cazar

Ren is a second year Health Management Intern, commencing the program in 2018. His first placement is at Goulburn Valley Health, Shepparton.

Ren holds a Bachelor of Nursing from Australian Catholic University.  With his strong clinical background in Cardiothoracic Nursing, Ren has been engaged in both clinical and organisational improvement initiatives throughout his nursing career. Prior to commencing the program Ren was also studying a Masters of Health Administration with La Trobe University.

The program offers Ren a unique opportunity to gain rich exposure of the broader healthcare system in Victoria and an environment to refine his skills in transformative leadership. He aims to consolidate his frontline experience and use the program to leverage healthcare innovation and excellence.

Tegan Cotter

Tegan joined the internship program in 2018. Her first placement is at Western Health, Sunshine Hospital, working in the Division of Women’s and Children’s services.

Tegan has a Bachelor of Health Sciences from The University of Auckland and more recently a Masters of Nursing Science from the University of Melbourne. Prior to joining the program Tegan worked as a Registered Nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Tegan is passionate about working in health management and looks forward to the diverse range of experiences the program provides. She hopes the program will help her to develop her project management and leadership skills in order to create more efficient and innovative health systems.

Lachlan Crowe

Lachlan is a second year Health Management Intern. He commenced the program in 2018 at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Lachlan holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne. He has worked extensively across the public health sector in Australia and the UK. Prior to joining the program his work included clinical roles and quality improvement project management.

Lachlan joined the program for the opportunity to work and learn across the breadth of the health industry. He hopes to use the skills and experience he develops to help improve health systems and service delivery.

Kylie Roper

Kylie is in her second year of the Health Management Internship Program, joining in January 2018.  Kylie's first placement is at the Department of Health and Human services in Rural and Regional Health, Performance and Strategy division.

Kylie completed her Bachelor of Midwifery from The Australian Catholic University in 2014. Since completing her degree Kylie has worked at a leading women's hospital as a registered team midwife. Prior to completing her degree, Kylie worked for one of Australia's largest corporations as a Learning Facilitator.

Kylie joined the program to gain experience in project management, grow her knowledge and increase her leadership skills with in health services.  Kylie is wanting to use the opportunities and experience the program will provide to enable her to make a difference and be an agent of change particularly in women's health in the future.

Victoria Warner

Victoria joined the health management internship program in 2018. Her first placement will be at West Gippsland Healthcare Group.

Victoria has an Undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Melbourne and has recently graduated with a Master of Public Health also from the University of Melbourne. Victoria has been involved in research projects in the areas of Australian child mental health policy as well as in Diabetes research in the context of developmental outcomes in children.

Victoria joined this program to extend her knowledge of the complexities arising within the area of health services, in both metropolitan and regional settings. She is hoping to develop the skills to promote more coordinated health services systems. Through the internship program she aims to broaden her understanding of how health services are successfully operationalised.