Victoria Branch Council



Nominations for the Vic Branch Council are now open.

Positions Vacant

There are five (5) positions to be filled on the Branch Council. These positions are vacant as a result of three (3) Councillors up for re-election and two (2) vacancies; in line with the requirements of Clause 7.3.8(a)(i) of the Rules that every year one-third of the members of the Branch Council shall retire from office but shall be eligible for re-election.

The term of appointment to Council is three (3) years.


To be eligible for election to the Branch Council, a member must be a financial member at the date of the nomination and a Member, Life Member, Retired Member, Associate Fellow or a Fellow of the College in accordance with Clause 7.3.1 of the Rules.

Nomination Details Required

Each candidate has the opportunity to provide a short profile for circulation with the voting papers.

Candidates should attach a profile to their Nomination Form containing the following information:

  • Present employment;
  • Qualifications (academic and professional);
  • Current offices held;
  • Statement of Professional Concerns (to a maximum of 50 words);
  • A portrait photograph.

Voting Eligibility and Elections

No member shall be entitled to vote unless all monies have been paid by them to the College.

An electronic ballot in accordance with Clause 7.3.8(f) of the Rules will then be carried out, and the results announced via email bulletin to all members of the Victorian Branch.

How to Nominate

The nomination form for election to Victorian Branch Council is attached and when completed, should be sent to email: by 5pm on Friday 20 March 2020.

Nominations must be with the Executive Officer by close of business on Friday 20 March 2020.

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Briana Baass FCHSM


Adam Stormont FCHSM


Greg Allen FCHSM



Branch Councillors

Wendy Davis FCHSM
Dr Mark Garwood FCHSM
Heather Johnson FCHSM
Sandra Leggat FCHSM
Adj A/Prof John Rasa FCHSM
Fiona Sherwin FCHSM
Marg Way FCHSM
Deb Stuart AFCHSM
Paul Butler MCHSM

EHM co-representatives

Hannah Kennedy
Eloise Evangelista

In attendance at Branch Council meetings

Ex-officio members

Julie Owen (Executive Officer Vic, ACHSM) 

Get in touch

To contact our Vic Branch office, click here.