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Volume 11 - Issue 1 - 2016

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Editorial:  Responding to the Call for Innovation: how do we develop health professionals’ skills and operationalise innovation
Author:  D Briggs
Pages:  4-6
pdf format Editorial (43.96kB)

In This Issue
Author:  D Briggs
Page:  7
pdf format In This Issue (17.43kB)

Improving the Health System with Performance Reporting – Real Gains or Unnecessary Work?
Authors:  G E Day and L South
Pages:  8-13
pdf format Abstract (180.98kB)  pdf format Article (53.51kB)

Balancing Yin and Yang: the development of a framework using Participatory Action Research for the Translation and Implementation (Part 1) of new practices
Authors:  A Fitzgerald, R Ogrin, K Hayes, J Curry, K Eljiz and K Radford
Pages:  14-24
  pdf format Abstract (387.93kB)    pdf format Article (198.23kB)

Employability Skills in Health Services Management: perceptions of recent graduates
Authors:  D G Messum, L M Wilkes, D Jackson and K Peters
Pages:  25-32
pdf format Abstract (215.77kB)    pdf format Article (69.42kB)

The Importance of the Physical Environment for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Authors:   S L Rogers, S J Edwards, P Hudman and R Perera
Pages:  33-43
pdf format Abstract (71.28kB)    pdf format Article (254.56kB)

Development of a Consumer Engagement Framework
Authors:   L Lizarondo, K Kennedy and D Kay
Pages:  44-49
pdf format Abstract (186.74kB)    pdf format Article (1.52MB)

Best Practice Pathology Collection in Australia
Authors:   V Pilbeam, L Ridoutt and T Badrick
Pages:  50-55
pdf format Abstract (173.04kB)    pdf format Article (67.41kB)

Are Clinical Registries Actually Used? The Level of Medical Staff Participation in Clinical Registries and Reporting within a Major Tertiary Teaching Hospital
Authors:   A Dwyer and J McNeil
Pages:  56-64
pdf format Abstract (57.95kB)    pdf format Article (90.04kB)

Using Linked Lung Cancer Registry and Hospital Data for Guiding Health Service Improvement
Authors:   D Roder, H You, D Baker, R Walton, B McCaughan, S Aranda and D Currow
Pages:  65-75
pdf format Abstract (67.41kB)    pdf format Article (164.04kB)

Factors Affecting Hospital Choice Decisions: an exploratory study of healthcare consumers in Northern India
Authors:   V Kamra, H Singh and K K De
Pages:  76-84
pdf format Abstract (22.64kB)    pdf format Article (69.06kB)

Library Bulletin
Author:  D Burt
Pages:  85-88
pdf format Library Bulletin (41.93kB)